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Interviews & Lay Articles

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Self Magazine Dec. 21, 2020: 9 Major Questions About mRNA Coronavirus Vaccines, Answered by Tara C. Smith, Ph.D.

Washington Post Oct. 14, 2014: The reassuring news in the Texas Ebola cases by Todd C. Frankel

Lay Articles

The Conversation Nov. 19, 2014: Why was ‘Ebola-free’ survivor quarantined in India after viral traces in his semen? by Heather Lander

Global Biodefense Sep. 29, 2014: Airborne Ebola: A Flight of Fancy by Heather Lander

The Conversation Sep. 25, 2014: How Ebola started, spread and spiralled out of control by Ian M. Mackay, Heather Lander, and Katherine Arden

Global Biodefense Sep. 16, 2014: Suggesting Airborne Precautions for Ebola HCW is a Really Bad Idea by Heather Lander

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